Syncro Academy Goes from Strength to Strength

The Syncro Academy has been a phenomenal success since its launch in 2018. The initiative pioneered by Syncro focuses on education, training and communications, ensuring customer facing teams are skilled to deliver exemplary customer care. Bespoke training is delivered to suit the needs of Syncro clients and the strong portfolio of products.

The first-year Syncro Academy engineers have completed their training and rotations around the business, armed with new skills to move on to more specific roles in the Syncro team. The second year of Syncro Academy engineers have started the programme and have begun training.

Syncro has a commitment to continue investment in the Syncro Academy to ensure that over the next five years Syncro develops talent as it grows.

“The Syncro Academy has far surpassed our expectations in what we thought the programme could deliver. By investing in young people, we have been able to give our engineers specialist training in the sector which makes them a very valuable asset to us. The first-year Syncro Academy engineers have developed significantly since they joined the team and I’m sure will continue to make a valuable contribution to our core business operations in their new roles. Our second-year engineers have made a very positive start and we are delighted to have them on board,” commented Steve Long, Syncro Managing Director.