However well designed and installed fire protection and security systems are, they are only as good as the way they perform throughout their serviceable life. One primary objective of ours is to provide our customers with a market leading level of post-sales support.

This guarantees that when clients subscribe to a service and maintenance agreement, they receive the highest level of support that offers cost effective peace of mind.

Help is available on a 24/7 basis throughout the year and across the United Kingdom, and by using engineers who are dedicated to their own group of clients, personal relationships are quickly established thereby providing a personalised service envied in the industry.

In addition to systems sourced from us, we bring the same level of maintenance support to systems supplied by other manufacturers. We can also offer system upgrades, alterations, or alternative methods of protection should the need arise.

Another primary objective is to support legislation of the Regulatory Reform Order and the Chief Fire Officers Association requirements of reducing false or unwanted alarms.

As an authority on reducing unwanted alarms, our experienced team of specialists will help and advise customers wishing to improve the management of their protection systems.

Our absolute commitment is to support your fire and security protection systems on a 24-hour basis; this philosophy runs throughout Syncro. Our mission is to protect your people, your processes and your property. Syncro brings you the specialisation, ideas and solutions that save lives, property and money.