Syncro is an ethical and responsible business. Our aim is to meet our clients’ needs and exceed your expectations, therefore we make the following commitment.

  1. We will not compromise on safety or reliability in order to compete on price.
  2. We design solutions to suit the specific risk. We will not make recommendations which unnecessarily exceed requirements.
  3. We will be sensitive to the environments and endeavour to meet any aesthetic requirements without compromising on safety.
  4. We will carry out installations and maintenance with care and expertise. We will conduct ourselves professionally and efficiently.
  5. We will dispose of any waste equipment and materials responsibly and without damage or threat to the environment.
  6. We voluntarily adhere to (and in some instances exceed) the requirements of the relevant British Standards (BAFE SP203 fire approval) and NSI security approval.
  7. We will provide a preventative maintenance service ensuring equipment is used and maintained correctly in the most cost-effective manner with a long-term approach.
  8. We will check systems regularly and responsibly and maintain up-to-date records of each visit and all work carried out. These records will be available for the client, insurers or an independent assessor to inspect at any time.
  9. We will not replace equipment or parts unnecessarily. If required, we will provide you with the any obsolete materials and show you why they need replacing. We do not re-use any part of your equipment for the use of other customers.
  10. We believe that excellent quality products, service and systems are essential to our business and work hard to provide them.